Parametric Passive Design [PPD] Arkan & IBPSA-Egypt


In This workshop we will focus on how to integrate Daylighting & thermal Analysis into parametric design workflow. Through this workshop we will explore new façade design opportunities, where the resulting proposal could achieve better performance in comparison with the convention techniques of passive façades, stepping away from linear (trial & error process) to new optimization techniques.

Workshop Aim:
The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of how to use parametric modeling tool along with validated environmental analysis tool (Grasshopper and Diva) together to achieve the optimum sustainable design, and publish their results in scientific journals and conferences.

Workshop outcomes:
Teach the participants how to:-
+Model a parametric room which has multiple parameters which can be optimized.
+Create a range of responsive façade techniques to adopt each design objective.
+Conduct daylight and thermal simulation using DIVA which communicates with Radiance & EnergyPlus.
+Correctly setup the simulation setting in order to perform a validated simulation results which can be published in scientific journals.
+Organize and analyze the simulation results based on each optimization method that were used.
+Identify the best possible set of solutions based on the balance between thermal and daylighting performance.
+Explore different techniques to enhance the daylighting performance.

+Certificate from IBPSA-Egypt after exam in the last session.

Program Outline:
DAY 1:
-Introduction to passive design strategies (efficient envelope).                                       -Introduction to parametric design logics with Grasshopper.

DAY 2:
-Developing technical tools based on reverse engineering technology.
-Creating a range of parametric facade proposals.

DAY 3:
-Introducing the performance simulation tool (DIVA)
-Conducting Daylighting and thermal Simulations

DAY 4:
-Associative techniques – Day lighting and thermal simulation.
-Facade design using grasshopper ‐Studio work.

DAY 5:
-Finalizing the optimization process
-Tips and Tricks with Excel to organize the final results.
-Group work presentation.

1. Basic Grasshopper & Rhinoceros skills
2. To be at least a student in the 4th Year Architecture
3. Basic knowledge of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.
4. Good understanding of [DATA, OPERATIONAL, different filters and Lists components, data matching , xyz space and UV local, Re-parameterize a curve or surface, Domain components , vectors & planes ]
5. Basic understanding of Data Tree operations such as [Merge, Explode Tree, Flip Matrix, Flatten Tree, Graft Tree, Simplify Tree]

In order to register, you will need to fill the Registration Form .

22 th October 2014.

1600 LE for Professional Architects & Interior Designers.
1400 LE for Master & PhD Students.
*** Please confirm your registration by paying the fees.

By Bank:-
Bank Name: National bank of Egypt البنك الأهلى المصرى
Name: Ayman Wagdy Mohamed Ibrahim
Branch: Al Sebaa (السباق)
Account number: 36 20 12 1111 0

By Phone-Cash [Al bank Al Ahly]:-
Mob Number: 01001036090

— Please call the workshop organizer Arch. Haitham Salah

Not more than [9] participants.
Plus [2] online for who lives outside Cairo.

LOCATION MAP:امجد‭/@30.073199,31.337316,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x14583e1153efe6d1:0x995b88c10a4a05d1!2s64+Eskan+Rabaa+Al+Estesmary,+Nasr+City,+Cairo+Governorate,+Egypt,+Al+Golf,+Nasr+City,+Cairo+Governorate!3b1!3m1!1s0x0:0x2f1c345125b7ecdd?hl=en

**Arch. Haitham Salah
Mob: 01006442773


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